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Data Recovery

 For more in depth information on Data Recovery please visit or call our dedicated phone number 0131 553 9006.

Your data is precious.

Be it business documents and emails, your family photos & music, or your final dissertation, when your computer or drive fails, and you have no alternative backup, it can be a nightmare.

First thing – do not panic! The best thing you can do is to stay calm and not do anything too drastic like format your drive or run any system recovery as this may wipe your data and reduce the chance of any future recovery.

If your drive doesn’t show up, please be aware that further attempts to access data such as constant reboots or constant attempts at plugging and unplugging portable drives could result in permanent damage which may risk your files. Best thing to do is to power the machine/drive off and bring it us.

We can handle Hard Drives and SSD’s formatted as PC NTFS/FAT/FAT32/EXFAT/HFS+(Mac)/EXT3/EXT4 etc.

We use a combination of hardware and software techniques to get data off failing drives, and to date have had a very high recovery success rate. HDD Data Recovery is performed using state-of-the-art equipment from Deepspar and ACE Laboratory that allows us to recover data from even the most damaged drives (internal or external), SSDs or USB/SD Card devices.

We can handle Drives that don’t show up in Mac Finder, Windows Explorer, freezing drives and even drives that are making strange noises.

As with our computer repairs we offer FREE DIAGNOSTIC after which we will contact you with fixed recovery costs.

Businesses Clients that need Data Recovery urgently, please call 0131 555 5782 for details of our fast track service.

If you can’t get to our workshop and wish to post us your drive – please do not hesitate. Before you send us your drive it would be best to contact us by phone. Please ensure that you wrap up your drive appropriately, include your full contact details (Name, Telephone, Full Address, Email), attach the description of the drive’s issues and the format of the drive.

We will return the drive to all UK Mainland destinations free of charge.