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Q: Do you repair phones, tables or kindles?

A: Sadly no – we specialize in desktop & laptop repair.

Q: I’m tired of getting viruses on my PC. What is the best way to protect against them?

A: First, be aware there is no 100% solution. The reason is simple: it’s a perpetual race and the virus writers are always ahead. The cycle goes as follows: a virus is created, sent out on the web, this then infects a machine that spreads to others and is eventually detected as a threat by antivirus companies. Then, they must find a way to destroy the virus before putting an update available for download. So, technically, between the moment the virus is sent out on the web and the moment your antivirus is updated, there will be a period  while you are vulnerable. However, keeping your antivirus as up to date as possible and running a full scan of your computer regularly will significantly reduce the risk of infection.

There are two types of antivirus software out there: free ones (AVG, Avira, Avast, etc.) and those you pay for. Free antivirus software is OK but bear in mind that nothing is really free in this life! The antivirus packages that you pay for offer a much more comprehensive protection for your machine. This is especially true as one of the main benefits of being a paying customer, updates are usually more frequent and prioritised over free antivirus users.

Recent tests showed that the best paid antivirus packages that were available were products from BitDefender, Eset and Kaspersky. For free packages, we recommend  Avast Free and Avira Personal.

Q: My computer is getting slow, should I add more RAM to it?

A: As much as RAM helps to increase the speed of your computer, this isn’t the only element to consider. The overall speed of your computer is mainly the result of a combination between your hard drive, your CPU and the Ram. On the other hand, viruses or old programs, etc. can also significantly impact on the way your computer runs.

Best would be to bring your computer to our workshop so we can assess it and advise on the best cause of action for you.

Q: I spilt liquid on my laptop, HELP!!!!

A: First of all, make sure your laptop is off and whenever possible with the battery out. Try to get as much liquid off as soon as possible using a kitchen towel. Second, bring the computer to our workshop ASAP. We will open and disassemble the laptop and chemically clean and dry it. This process usually takes 3 days. In most cases, the clean is all the laptop needs. In some cases parts need to be replaced.

Whatever you decide to do, please note that powering up your computer just after a liquid spill is risky. Try to avoid this.There is a big chance that powering up your computer could short circuit and damage your motherboard and other components.

Q: My hard drive is faulty, or I erased my data by mistake, does it mean all my stuff is lost?

A: That’s a tough one to answer. It depends on the state the drive is in and what happened to it. However, chances are we will be able to retrieve all or part of the data. What is crucial in increasing the chances of the data retrieval is to come and see us as soon as you can after you detect that there is an issue with your drive.


Q: My laptop screen is broken. Does it mean my laptop is dead?

A: NO!!! In 99% of the cases, it is cheaper to replace the screen than to buy a new laptop!

Bring your laptop (and charger) to our workshop for a free estimate on the repairs. We stock the most common screens which means that majority cases can be dealt with on the day. For screens which are not so standard and therefore have to be ordered in, our typical turnaround is 3 working days.

Q: My laptop is getting hot, is it normal and what can I do about it?

A: Yes and no. As laptops run, they get hot. They are more compact than desktops with not as much airflow. If on top of this the fan and cooling system gets clogged with dust the airflow gets reduced even further and your laptop starts overheating. You may notice that the fan gets louder and runs more frequently.

We like to recommend a good clean at least once a year. This maintains the performance of your laptop and increases its life expectancy.