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Just some from the last 12 years.

  • Sagnik Mukherjee Avatar
    Sagnik Mukherjee

    Honest, customer-friendly, straight talking, extremely helpful, and knowledgeable PC repair shop. Definitely better than any other that i have been to in Edinburgh. - 4/10/2018

    Tom Fransham Avatar
    Tom Fransham

    They listened to what I had to say regarding the issue and applied my opinion to their problem solving. My mac was completely dead and they brought it back to life during the inspection process and didn’t charge me a penny! Fantastic service 🙂 - 6/10/2019

    Irma Rasikeviciute Avatar
    Irma Rasikeviciute

    Excellent service! I cant't recommend them highly enough. I spilled A LOT of water on my Macbook Air and they still managed to repair it, my laptop works like new now. Very professional, friendly and on top of that - great prices. Thank you again! - 4/10/2018

    Conor Campbell Avatar
    Conor Campbell

    Absolutely excellent service. My laptops hard drive had broken, they showed me what I could and couldn't recover, went through all the repair options and told me what they thought was the best option for me, not just what would make them the most money. Laptop was fitted with a new SSD hard drive for relatively cheap and it now works better than it ever did before, they gave it a full clean and it feels like a brand new machine. I highly recommend these guys, top notch all round. - 4/10/2017

    Stuart Barber Avatar
    Stuart Barber

    After having my laptop for about 4 years it was needing a new mains connection fitted. I was looking online for pic repair shops in Edinburgh and noticed that this one was highly recommended. After a FREE diagnosis it took about 1 week to get the laptop fixed and was very reasonably priced compared to others who even charge for diagnosis before doing any work. Great place for anyone to take there PC/laptop to with gray service. Will for sure be using Louis again if any future repairs are needed. - 4/10/2016

    Rowan Spencer Avatar
    Rowan Spencer

    Extremely helpful and friendly, sorted out laptop problem as quickly as they could. Would recommend. - 12/10/2019

  • Scott Hamilton Avatar
    Scott Hamilton

    Friendly, punctual, didn't charge me for diagnostics and offered really good advice. I'll definitely be going back with laptop issues in the future and everyone else should too. - 4/10/2016

    Eleanor Milner Avatar
    Eleanor Milner

    I recently went to PC Repair man on Leith Walk and dealt with Louis. I thought the service he gave was outstanding. He was extremely helpful and even though there were problems with the laptop he was fixing for me he went out of his way to sort it all out and even lent me a laptop whilst he did so. 10 out of 10 for customer service and helpfulness. I would definitely recommend Louis and use him again! Thank you so much Louis. - 4/10/2017

    Stuart Telford Avatar
    Stuart Telford

    I really rate this place and Thibault who works there. He's honest, informative, and has comprehensively solved the rare hardware problems I have had over the years. I wouldn't go anywhere else! - 4/10/2016

    adam abraham Avatar
    adam abraham

    Very helpful staff. Great service and good value! - 7/10/2019

    Lydia Scaltsas Avatar
    Lydia Scaltsas

    This place works absolute miracles! I spilled an entire cup of cranberry juice on my laptop and couldn't take it to the shop until 2 days later because it was closed! The man started working on it the second I brought it in. I had nothing saved and no copies of anything I was looking at loosing 7 years worth of work, music, pictures, everything and was absolutely devastated. 2 days later I get a message from the PC Repair man telling me that not only has he saved the actual computer, he managed to save my ENTIRE hard drive. He literally returned my computer to me good as new and cleaner than it was when I left it with him! This man absolutely saved my life and all I paid for i was £45. I have never been more grateful in my life for everything this man did for me! The best computer shop ever! Thank you so very much! - 4/10/2016

    David Hadden Avatar
    David Hadden

    If you need your computer fixed. this place is the place to go. Replaced my drive and cloned the old one. Kept in touch at every stage and suggested the cheapest way to solve problems. Fast and very friendly serice . Very reasonable price to. Highly recommended - 11/10/2019

  • Col Ferguson Avatar
    Col Ferguson

    I would highly recommend PC Repair Man with any computer problems you have. I have used PC Repair Man a few times now with 3 different laptops over the years and I have always been very satisfied with the service. Thibault, who dealt with me on all occasions is very friendly and professional and he has been able to fix the problems I have had with my laptops every time. BIG THUMBS UP! - 4/10/2017

    Emmett Brown Avatar
    Emmett Brown

    Laptop (affectionately called Novi) had lost a miniscule screw that would be as easy to find as a golden coin in the wintery depths of Narnia. Alas, the kind man at the counter swiftly procured a new screw and made my computer feel like a wholesome machine again. No charge at all, and very accommodating. Awesome service! - 4/10/2019

    Allan Macleod Avatar
    Allan Macleod

    Just ordered a custom built gaming rig. Louis kept in touch at every stage, making sure it was to my exact specifications. He made suggestions but did not insist. Great price and built rapidly as well. For once it was “Quick, Good, Cheap. Pick all 3”! Will certainly use again. - 4/10/2018

    Chris Vasilenko Avatar
    Chris Vasilenko

    The service just gets better and better. Once again, when in panic, when in doubt, Don't jump about and scream and shout, just pop in to Louis, he will sort it out. Thanks for another brilliant job (and for your patience in dealing with a laptop 'numpty') It has just occured to me, many thanks Louis, it is now almost seven years that you have been sorting out my technical problems. As usual, excellent service, first class support and a very fair price. Thanks to you and your team. - 4/10/2015

    jean flannigan Avatar
    jean flannigan

    I really was impressed with the quick service and friendly staff The data on one of my hard drives was retrieved completely from my first Hard drive really hoping it will all be recovered on my other device the price was responsible Would recommend this place to everyone - 4/10/2019

    Jeffrey Ketland Avatar
    Jeffrey Ketland

    Had a program with two Mac laptops not functioning (one a mechanical problem; one a software problem). PC Repair Man took in both and diagnosed and repaired them quickly. Very pleased with the service and will definitely use again if I have a computer problem. - 4/10/2017

  • Kay Hildersley Avatar
    Kay Hildersley

    Thank you so so much Louis at pc repair man! When I lost all my minecraft worlds due to a virus we phoned them on sunday to ask for help. By tuesday night they had recoverd all my worlds and help store them on a hard drive so I will never lose them again. Louis was really nice and understanding, helping straight away.Thank you so much guys!From Mairi and Kay. 🙂 - 4/10/2013

    Mike Wignall Avatar
    Mike Wignall

    Looking at the reviews online made me decide to try the PC Repair Man. I was really impressed with the quality of service I received. They are very professional in their approach and very customer friendly, showing a real willingness to explain the problem with my computer back up system and taking time to answer any questions I had, all at a very reasonable cost. All in all Louis and Thibauld provided an excellent service and a really positive experience and I would highly recommend them. - 4/10/2019

    helen jackson Avatar
    helen jackson

    Fast, friendly and trustworthy. They are a great team and very professional. My laptop crashed after an update and within 24 hours it's up and running. Am delighted and highly recommend their services. - 9/10/2019

    Dorothy Hill Avatar
    Dorothy Hill

    This is the best service of any type that I’ve experienced in a very long time. Louis goes the extra mile, providing advice in addition to doing a really good job. - 4/10/2018

    Naomi Crowley Avatar
    Naomi Crowley

    They were so helpful with my son's laptop (he had managed to wreck the hard drive) AND they don't charge for diagnosing what's wrong with it unlike other places who charge you £50 or £60 just to have a look. Definitely recommend them. - 4/10/2018

    Scott Morrison Avatar
    Scott Morrison

    Amazing customer service and they know what they're doing. If I ever have any more problems I know where to go - 4/10/2017

  • G. Ruch Avatar
    G. Ruch

    Very helpful on the phone. - 4/10/2019

    Athos Tsiopani Avatar
    Athos Tsiopani

    I've been there twice now, once to fix a problem and the other to handle a hardware update. Both times they were very reasonably-priced and everything was fixed/setup wonderfully. Thibault was very accommodating and was happy to examine/offer advice about their services and my device in a very professional and approachable manner - also, he's really sound. Highly recommend. - 4/10/2017

    David Duncan Avatar
    David Duncan

    Had a problem with my laptop and a friend recommended this place to me. The staff were helpful and friendly and quickly took care of my laptop returning it to me within a few days. They even text you when they've fixed it so you don't have to keep coming down to check when its been finished! - 4/10/2015

    Alastair MacKinnon Avatar
    Alastair MacKinnon

    Excellent service and helpful advice today. Very pleased and thanks to Thibault. - 4/10/2018

    carolyn raeburn Avatar
    carolyn raeburn

    This is where I go for my printing it is a first class service, nothing is any trouble, the staff are always eager to help.I would reccommend PC REPAIR MAN to everyone who requires help with PC issues; printing if you are like me and do not have a printer.Thank youCarolyn. - 6/10/2019

    nicholas white Avatar
    nicholas white

    Excellent service! Managed to recover all my really important photos from 2 hard drives which had both died unexpectedly just before I managed to back the data up.Highly recommended life savers!My very grateful thanks to Thibault and team. - 12/10/2019

  • Arthur James Crummie Avatar
    Arthur James Crummie

    Great, Friendly and well priced service. Brought lapdog in on Thursday and was fixed by Monday afternoon (including ordering parts) for a price that was 40% cheaper than quoted elsewhere. Would highly recommend and use again in the future. - 4/10/2017

    Innis Carson Avatar
    Innis Carson

    I've been here a few times with various laptop problems (ranging from minor to terminal), and the guy has always been very understanding and informative, and done a very thorough job with the repairs in good time. It's very refreshing to deal with someone who clearly knows what they're talking about and will give you honest and matter-of-fact advice. Would recommend this place to anyone experiencing any difficulties with their laptop. - 4/10/2016

    Bill  Forgie Avatar
    Bill Forgie

    Actually a decent place, the guy knows his stuff and won't mess you about on price. - 2/24/2020

    ross scott Avatar
    ross scott

    It is great to not have to worry about the IT setup in our office, Louis is always just a phone call away and never fails to sort any problem we might encounter.Would recommend to anyone. - 4/10/2016

    Iain McR Avatar
    Iain McR

    Louis is great - highly recommended. No IT problem too big or small. - 4/10/2017

    H DOA Avatar
    H DOA

    Highly recommend this shop. He did not charge me anything for fixing the broken laptop charger - 2/10/2020

  • François-Xavier Gaudas Avatar
    François-Xavier Gaudas

    I've been to the shop about 5 times now for 2 different laptops: a Macbook Air and an Asus with recurring keyboard issues. On each occasion, Thibault quickly established a diagnosis (kudos again for noticing within seconds my cat had actually peed on my Macbook Air!) and clearly explained what was causing the problem and what to do next even if it meant going through the place of purchase to fix it. This led me to have Asus change my motherboard and, even if my laptop now has BSODs despite this change (I had to send it to Paris where I bought it), I really appreciated Thibaut's professionalism.I will definitely be back for as long as I live here! - 4/10/2019

    Peter Dragal Avatar
    Peter Dragal

    Very helpful and professional. - 4/10/2018

    Takalani Mbedzi Avatar
    Takalani Mbedzi

    I cannot thank these guys enough. Thibault and Louis managed to bring my MacBook back to life after I accidentally spilled an entire cup of tea on it. I highly recommend PC Repairman! - 4/10/2018

    Julie McDonald Avatar
    Julie McDonald

    Excellent quality service which I highly recommend. - 4/10/2019

    Mike McCloskey Avatar
    Mike McCloskey

    I left my laptop with another repairer for a month and they couldn't fix it. Louis fixed it in a day. Fantastic! - 4/10/2018

    C M Macmillan Avatar
    C M Macmillan

    Louis has saved my sanity twice in the past two years by retrieving data from damaged external hard drives. Prompt, professional friendly service. I really hope I don't need to call upon his service again for a while (!) but if I do, I would feel confident in doing so. Thanks. C - 4/10/2019

  • Richard Electrikal Avatar
    Richard Electrikal

    Fixed my laptop hinge for free very helpful thanks tibo - 6/10/2019

    Eddy Charlton Avatar
    Eddy Charlton

    Dropped my desktop when I was on a job, so took it round to PC Repair Man for a post-mortem. Went in again the following day to get the news and settle up, and was told there was no charge as diagnostics were free - even though that's all I wanted. I tried to insist, and was told there's a tip jar if I really wanted to contribute but it was up to me. Excellent service with good honest advice, will use again whenever possible. - 4/10/2016

    Pablo De La Noche Avatar
    Pablo De La Noche

    As my 5 years old PC was switching off after 5 minutes due to CPU overheating reaching an unhealthy 83°C I paid a visit to this life saver repair shop.
    PC tech savvy Thibault gave me a great insight into what could be going wrong with my computer, so I left it in his capable hands.
    After less than 24 hrs. I got my tower back working and running smooth as a Lamborghini Diablo. He replaced the old, dry and cracked thermal paste with a fresh layer of it and clean the whole motherboard and slots, and, as promised I just paid a very affordable/reasonable £ 45 considering that my CPU was not ruined (over-cooked) and that it passed the stress test with full marks.
    Once at home I run the Speccy software and was pleasantly surprised that during heavy use my AMD CPU temperature was not higher than 32ºC … Excellent job Thibault; it’s good to know that such a great and reliable shop exists in my neighbourhood. A highly recommended repair shop.
    - 4/23/2017

    Ross Sanderson Avatar
    Ross Sanderson

    Great service! My work laptop wasn’t turning on so I brought it in and was quickly told what the problem was and when work wanted to repair themselves the PC Repair Man was very understanding!Wouldn’t hesitate to use them for non work stuff in the future! - 6/10/2019

    Martin Ramsay Avatar
    Martin Ramsay

    Thanks guys. Prompt diagnosis, quick fix and fair pricing. Brilliant. - 4/10/2017

    nicholas white Avatar
    nicholas white

    Excellent service! Managed to recover all my really important photos from 2 hard drives which had both died unexpectedly just before I managed to back the data up.
    Highly recommended life savers!
    My very grateful thanks to Thibault and team.
    - 11/30/2019

  • Nicola Fabian Avatar
    Nicola Fabian

    Excellent service. Louis is very knowledgable and helpfull. He helped me understand what needed to be done in layman terms. And listed a number of solutions each with their pros and cons. I would definately recomend this company to others. And to add the cherry to the cake his prices I felt where very reasonable. I now have a repaired and super fast PC. Thank you PC repair man. - 4/10/2016

    Loukia G Avatar
    Loukia G

    Top quality service. I ve already fixed my laptop a few times and staff are always super helpul no matter how many questions you have they are very professional, super friendly and with very reasonable prices - 4/10/2019

    Ryan Parker Avatar
    Ryan Parker

    Fantastic Service.Came in to get my Dell Inspiron 7000 laptop fixed after it started making mysterious noises. They gave me a free diagnosis and provided me with a myriad of options to sort out my computer, and in the end they brought my attention to a program apart of my Dell warranty that would fix it for free.This is clearly a company that understand customer care, as they declined a quick and simple sale in light of the fact that there was a better option. I know that when my warranty expires and I need PC care I will be turning to the PC Repair Man in the future as I can trust they will provide me with the best possible service. - 4/10/2019

    Moray T Avatar
    Moray T

    I burst into PC Repair Man (Newington) in a panic after my laptop bluescreened, convinced that it was beyond all hope and trying to reconcile myself to the idea of buying a new one. Not only did the staff manage to calm me down (no mean feat!) but they ran diagnostics and made the minor necessary repairs all the while telling me exactly what I needed to know. Service was rapid, friendly and also free - would reccommend to everyone, absolutely exemplary. - 4/10/2013

    Tom Olley Avatar
    Tom Olley

    I went to PC Repair Man with an overheating problem with my laptop. I was really happy with the price which was 30% cheaper than quoted elsewhere.Also very quick service and friendly staff who offered honest and useful advice. - 4/10/2017

    Tony Greenwood Avatar
    Tony Greenwood

    I've used this service for more than 2 years and whenever I've needed it, I've never been disappointed. The charges are unbelievably low, time estimates and updates are conscientiously given, and the total honesty of PC REPAIR MAN is always beyond question. A real gem of a trader in this modern world. - 4/10/2019

  • Cristian Shearer Avatar
    Cristian Shearer

    Saved my computer more than once now. Great guys and service - 4/10/2017

    Roxana Manolescu Avatar
    Roxana Manolescu

    I totally recommend this place. Excellent service and affordable prices. - 4/10/2018

    Daniel Morris Avatar
    Daniel Morris

    PC Repair Man were very helpful. They ran diagnostics on my laptop for free. Unfortunately the cost of repair exceeded the value of the laptop. However, they saved me a lot of money and were very prompt.Will be recommending this place to anyone needing a repair! - 4/10/2019

    Tom McNally Avatar
    Tom McNally

    I took my macair to Thibault, who gave a thorough explanation of what he thought the problem was. He was honest in saying he wasn't too sure if all the problems could be resolved with it, as it's age may be against him being able to install the newest operating system. However, I was delighted to learn that he had been able to do this - saved me a fortune in buying a new laptop. Thanks Thibault for the service you provided. It was fast, friendly, honest, and well explained. Thoroughly recommend folks to go there - you won't be ripped off either. - 4/10/2018

    Susan Padfield Avatar
    Susan Padfield

    Quick service, value for money and clear explanation of what had gone wrong with laptop. Based on my experience I would recommend this place. - 4/10/2017

    Graham Whiteside Avatar
    Graham Whiteside

    Pc Repair Man has saved my laptop many times. Professional,timely and understand the importance it makes to a small business having it out of action. Go see either place and they'll set your mind at ease giving an unbiased and constructive view on your gear. - 4/10/2016

  • José Salgado Avatar
    José Salgado

    Really nice and fast ! 🙂 - 4/10/2017

    Aleksandra Zych Avatar
    Aleksandra Zych

    Very competent, knowledgeable and reasonably priced. Much recommended! - 4/10/2018

    Angela Gardner Avatar
    Angela Gardner

    Fantastic support from Thibault and Louis to recover data from a dead hard drive, to rebuild and improve my PC, and to help get everything restored and working again as quickly as possible - invaluable for a small business - can't recommend them highly enough! - 4/10/2018

    maureen clegg souledup Avatar
    maureen clegg souledup

    just called the shop for advice and the gent on the phone was extremely helpful - 4/10/2016

    markéta keller Avatar
    markéta keller

    one and only word - amazing!!Really freaked out as my screen simply died. Called Louis who was incredibly understanding (I think he is used to dealing with semi-hysterical, non IT-literate women ;-)..). Not only he fixed the screen pretty much immediately, he also checked for other issues - all for really nice price. Definitely my Number 1 PC man!!! Thanks a lot and best wishes, mk. 🙂 - 4/10/2018

    Craig Dalrymple Avatar
    Craig Dalrymple

    Second time I have used these guys and honestly they are absolutely fantastic. Were very accommodating and were incredibly quick with discovering the problems and fixed them the same day of being brought in. Incredible service with a very friendly and trustworthy staff. Could not recommend them more. - 4/10/2018

  • Rufus Reade Avatar
    Rufus Reade

    I went in the morning and by late afternoon the job had been done, everything had been explained, and I was a very happy customer. I've been sending friends to these guys for some years now and we are really pleased to be treated as human beings who may or may not quite understand all about computers. Their pricing is always lower than I might have expected. Warmly commended. - 4/10/2019

    Fabian Fabian97 Avatar
    Fabian Fabian97

    Free diagnostics and reasonable prices. Highly recommend - 12/10/2019

    Beth Lomax Avatar
    Beth Lomax

    Fantastic service, would definitely recommend. They couldn't visit on the day I called as fully booked but asked what the problem was on the phone and provided good step by step advice to find and fix the issue myself. - 4/10/2017

    Marta Avatar

    I have been going to PC Repair Man for many years already and they are always great. They offer a friendly and efficient service at a competitive price. I usually go to the Newington shop because is more convenient now for me but I have also been to the one in Leith in the past and it's the same good service. I would recommend this to anybody needing any computer services. - 4/10/2015

    Vlad Timoftescu Avatar
    Vlad Timoftescu

    My laptop died on me, and these guys were AMAZING. They were patient, gave me quotes and kept getting back to my inputs. Once the machine was built I was pretty much the happiest I've ever been for a piece of equipment!Great professional, friendly and the student discount helped immensely.I highly recommend them to any one for any PC problem or subject. - 4/10/2013

    Akash Chopra Avatar
    Akash Chopra

    Fantastic professional and friendly service! I handed my dead laptop in on Saturday afternoon. They gave it a complete hardware check, cleaned the insides, fixed some loose cables, followed by a full OS reinstall and recovery of the repair partition, and still managed to get it back to me in time for work on Monday morning. Throughout this process I was kept up to date via texts whenever there was any progress to report. And the final cherry on top was a very reasonable bill. Highly recommended! - 4/10/2013

  • Mathilde Soubeyran Avatar
    Mathilde Soubeyran

    I brought my laptop there after it had shut down while I was using it and wouldn't turn on again. The lady who took care of it was not only very nice, she was also very honest: she did say that even though she had managed to turn it on after opening it, she hadn't found what was wrong with it, and therefore wouldn't charge me anything. I really appreciated that. - 3/15/2020

    Kshema Cooper Avatar
    Kshema Cooper

    PC Repair Man are open and available to offer free assistance!
    I have just, with their help and direction, restored my laptop to the internet! Excellent service! Totally grateful. One very happy customer! Best wishes 😊
    - 3/30/2020

    Alec Caso Avatar
    Alec Caso

    These guys are great! Had been having a problem with my computer for some time, I came in and they were able to take care of it in a day. They very clearly explained to me their pricing system and were very professional. Very good service, price, and turnaround. - 4/10/2017

    Shaun Hartley Avatar
    Shaun Hartley

    Superb service all round. Had my desktop in for some power issues and they were quickly resolved along with a few other minor issues which they also fixed as part of the overall cost.Overall costs were really good for the parts needed and labour. Will definitely be going back for any new upgrades or changes. - 4/10/2017

    Michael Davies Avatar
    Michael Davies

    Great service. Laptop hard drive problem was diagnosed whilst I waited and the new hard drive installed same day. Excellent communication, highly recommended. - 4/10/2019

    Space Frog Avatar
    Space Frog

    A fantastic little shop, they have almost everything you would need for a computer! And if they don't they'll order it for you. The staff are lovely and very helpful, would recommend 100%! - 4/10/2015

  • Max MacBeath Avatar
    Max MacBeath

    PC Repair Man recently helped me put together a custom build desktop for high end gaming. The staff, especially Louis were extremely helpful throughout the process and were willing to adapt to accommodate any preferences that I had. The rig runs like a dream and if I ever want to upgrade I will definitely consult PC Repair Man again. - 4/10/2015

    Smart Hopewell Avatar
    Smart Hopewell

    Top notch repair services. I took my desktop in on Friday and my pc was looked at for Free! He got is running and only charged me for one new part. Left and got my pc home connected said part and my pc is running like a beast! I would highly recommend this service to everyoneThank you for being honest and for having a chat with me about CPU's. - 4/10/2017

    Lukas Su Avatar
    Lukas Su

    Nice Service! - 11/10/2019

    dim karidis Avatar
    dim karidis

    Very satisfied. My laptop's display was damaged, I went to them to ask if it was worth to repair it or to buy a new laptop. Not only they had a second hand/ used display from a same laptop but they replaced it the same day. Thankfully, the cost was affordable and also they provided me with six months guarantee for the used display. In a case that I will have again any problem with my devises I will definitely go to them. - 6/10/2019

    Ruth Candlish Avatar
    Ruth Candlish

    Great service and very speedy! My rather old laptop broke and had important documents on it. They were able to recover these (under 5 mins) and gave me good frank advice about repairing my laptop and how I could save my hard drive and better back-up my documents in future. Thanks! - 4/10/2017

    H B Avatar
    H B

    very good service, My computer wouldn't turn on after a power surge so i asked if they could diagnose the problem. I thought I would have to leave my PC with them for a couple of days but to my surprise they open it up then and there and within 15 minutes they told me what the problem was and how to go about getting it replaced. - 4/10/2018

  • Robyn Dawson Avatar
    Robyn Dawson

    Incredibly transparent with what is happening throughout every single stage of the diagnosis which was a painless and surprisingly speedy process. Also....feel no shame whatsoever with admitting you know nothing. Not only were the analogies adopted wonderfully illustrative, I didn't feel in any way patronised and feel way more educated after having booked in my laptop for a number of issues. Don't hesitate to book in here...a downright gem of an establishment!!! - 4/10/2019

    Mark Linklater Avatar
    Mark Linklater

    Quite simply superb, problem with my imac, unfortunately beyond repair! Louis took the time to check the machine out completly for any signs of life but to no avail. Got report back when expected with no charge. They do not charge for looking at machines this is free unlike many other companies in town. If you have a computer problem this is certainly the place to come.My wife recently had issue with upgrading to Windows 10, Louis sorted the problem over the phone again no charge. Personally I would give them 6 stars they are worth it! - 4/10/2016

    A Duncan Avatar
    A Duncan

    Very fair price, good turnround, and went a step beyond in customer service. Absolutely recommend them. - 4/10/2018

    Sheila Kemp Avatar
    Sheila Kemp

    Excellent service - 4/10/2019

    Olive Hill Avatar
    Olive Hill

    Just been into PC Repair Man about a problem with mum's laptop. Fixed it in 5 minutes. Have used this place before and will do so again. Thanks PC Repair Man you have made an elderly pensioner very happy today! - 4/10/2018

    Vetle Bjornestad Avatar
    Vetle Bjornestad

    I had a small problem with my laptop and got it fixed, for free no less, within minutes. - 4/10/2015

  • Andy Brownlie Avatar
    Andy Brownlie

    Great service fixing my water damaged laptop. They explained the repairs required clearly and were upfront about the costs. laptop now working perfectly. Definitely recommend to others. - 4/10/2019

    Damian Filip Avatar
    Damian Filip

    very good service - 4/10/2018

    Kshema Cooper Avatar
    Kshema Cooper

    PC Repair Man are open and available to offer free assistance!I have just, with their help and direction, restored my laptop to the internet! Excellent service! Totally grateful. One very happy customer! Best wishes 😊 - 4/25/2020

    Shannan Lekwati Avatar
    Shannan Lekwati

    My laptop had a broken back anchor yesterday, but it was fixed within minutes here! My dad told me years ago this was the best place to get my computer fixed without being ripped off and that was completely true! I've been going here for ages whenever my laptops are a bit poorly and I know that it will be fixed quickly and I'll be told exactly what's happened and how to prevent it from happening again. Amazing work - and they have student discount too! - 4/10/2015

    Anne Turner Avatar
    Anne Turner

    Received first class service from Louis at PC Repair Man with our office computer which had broken down. Louis was very knowledgeable, patient, well-mannered, helpful and excellent at his job. The repair charge was really reasonable too. Please support this local business - you won't be disappointed. - 4/10/2018

    Constanza Moreno Sánchez O Avatar
    Constanza Moreno Sánchez O

    Second time they fix my computer and I super recommend them. Great price- less than half of what they were going to charge me at Simply Fix it Stockbridge. Super fast service- my computer was ready in a couple of hours while the other place told me it would take them 3-5 days. - 4/10/2019

  • Courtney Dane Avatar
    Courtney Dane

    Amazing service! It took them under 24 hours to diagnose and fix the problem with my laptop. In addition, they talked me through all of the problems and all of the solutions on my computer. The staff were very lovely, and they seemed genuinely committed to getting me the best possible fix for my computer. I would really recommend using their service if you are in need of computer repairs! - 6/10/2019

    Demian NataKhan Avatar
    Demian NataKhan

    Really great service and great value. Staff are ace. - 4/10/2013

    belle Avatar

    I didn't know what was wrong with my laptop and the PC repair man slowly explained the problem to me and was able to fix in no time! Really good service and nice staff. - 4/10/2015

    Gill Bertram Avatar
    Gill Bertram

    Great & friendly service. The problem with my laptop was identified & fixed quickly & at a reasonable rate. Definately recommend. - 1/10/2020

    Natalia S Y Fang Brand Avatar
    Natalia S Y Fang Brand

    The PC Repair Man has done a brilliant job for my two computers. Efficient, helpful, effective & good-mannered. Certainly highly-recommended! - 4/10/2018

    Pablo De La Noche Avatar
    Pablo De La Noche

    As my 5 years old PC was switching off after 5 minutes due to CPU overheating reaching an unhealthy 83°C I paid a visit to this life saver repair shop. PC tech savvy Thibault gave me a great insight into what could be going wrong with my computer, so I left it in his capable hands.After less than 24 hrs. I got my tower back working and running smooth as a Lamborghini Diablo. He replaced the old, dry and cracked thermal paste with a fresh layer of it and clean the whole motherboard and slots, and, as promised I just paid a very affordable/reasonable £ 45 considering that my CPU was not ruined (over-cooked) and that it passed the stress test with full marks. Once at home I run the Speccy software and was pleasantly surprised that during heavy use my AMD CPU temperature was not higher than 32ºC … Excellent job Thibault; it’s good to know that such a great and reliable shop exists in my neighbourhood. A highly recommended repair shop. - 4/10/2018

  • David Stevanovic Avatar
    David Stevanovic

    My late 2012 21.5 inch iMac was running slow - beach balling all the time. Advice received from various parties - swap out the old spinning 1TB HDD for a 1 TB SSD (solid state drive). Shopped around for a quote. PC Repairman was not the cheapest but based on reviews here I entrusted PC Repairman to carry out the work. Not an easy job to get the screen off my Mac. Took up the offer to upgrade from 8gb to 16gb of RAM whilst the screen was off. What a difference! Applications opening in seconds! It's like having a new Mac at a fraction (25%) of the price of an equivalent current model. Great communication throughout - all questions answered in advance and updates throughout. Great service, thanks Rosie and colleagues. - 2/10/2020

    Sebastian Paterson Avatar
    Sebastian Paterson

    Outstanding service, highly professional and fairly priced. Definitely recommended. - 4/10/2019

    James Leon Avatar
    James Leon

    Very quick, expert and helpful service. Would definitely recommend! - 4/10/2018

    Alexander Kiker Avatar
    Alexander Kiker

    I would highly recommend PC Repair Man to anyone with computer problems. Thibault, who dealt with my computer, was fast, friendly and professional and was able to fix my problem within a day. After spending hours on the phone to my computer's manufacturer and weeks trying to sort out a fix for a broken display I finally decided to take it in somewhere locally before shelling out the £40 to send it away.I went to PC Repair Man because he was based just down the road and the Google reviews were almost too good to be true. Turns out, though, they were all completely accurate! Thibault was helpful and straightforward from the start and said he would be able to look at my computer the next day.Sure enough, the following afternoon I received an update that he had been able to get the display up and running. When I went to pick it up there was no charge at all because the fix was part of the initial diagnostic, and so I went home with a fixed computer, done for free, a mere day after bringing it in. I only wish I had gone local from the start, if I had then I might have had it fixed weeks ago! - 4/10/2015

    Rory Avatar

    Knowledgeable and friendly guys, done a good job for a reasonable price, would recommend. - 4/10/2017

    Jim Taylor Avatar
    Jim Taylor

    Very attentive service. Helped me finalise my spec and built the PC I wanted. Kept all promises on delivery, price etc. And now I have a PC to be proud of. - 4/10/2013

  • MacGusienEdimburgo Avatar

    My computer didn't switch on. They found that the problem was the charger. They searched for another one, which wasn't easy to find, since mine was an old model. But they got one and charged me for everything 15 pounds, with one year warranty. I was so relieved, because in less than fifteen minutes they solved the problem and it wasn't expensive. I will go back again whenever I need it. Thanks! - 4/10/2018

    Andrea Bosio Avatar
    Andrea Bosio

    Both the engineers were very competent and pleasant to deal with. Thanks! - 4/10/2019

    Sebastian Howell Avatar
    Sebastian Howell

    Once again Louis @ PC Repairman proves why he is the best repairman in town. Quick diagnostic, honest and well-informed advice, and a can do attitude combine to make PC Repairman the only place to go when your PC starts misbehaving or just needs a clean up. Well recommended! - 4/10/2016

    gordon mclean Avatar
    gordon mclean

    Would defiantly recommend.After upgrading to windows 10 I had a lot of issues with my laptop not being able to run a lot of program's I use for work. I tried to do a factory reset myself to no avail.I took my lap top around to PC Man explained the problem and asked if he could reset my lap top back to windows 7 and do a factory reset at the same time no problem gave me a price and took my mobile number and said he would text me when it was ready.PC Man text myself in the morning and after setting up my lap top it was like new when I first bought it. In the next few days I was downloading all my programmes and files without a problem then when I downloaded office home and student everything was OK until I tried to download a template from word to be told not available try again later after a few attempts with no success. I returned the laptop to PC Man and explained the problem. He explained and said he had never come across this problem and asked if I could leave it with him it was like a challenge for him. After a hour he text me to tell me my laptop was ready to pick up after returning to the shop he took the time to show me what the problem was and what he had done. I asked what the cost was and he told me there was no charge as it was a simple fix. If in the future I need any repairs or advice I would not hesitate to go back to PC Man. - 4/10/2016

    Katona Aggy Avatar
    Katona Aggy

    Very helpful and professional staff. Free diagnostic and never rip you off. - 4/10/2018

    country music by dode Avatar
    country music by dode

    Very helpful and fair. Nice one guys 👍👍 - 4/10/2019

  • Marcos Duran Avatar
    Marcos Duran

    Really nice service and great value. Even after my laptop broke down twice, from incompatibility issues of my computer with certain software, PC Repair Man didn't hesitate to replace the damaged parts and provide excellent customer service, know-how and guarantee. Very recommended and happy with the results. - 4/10/2015

    edu avila Avatar
    edu avila

    Looking for a good company to repair my laptop, finally I know PC Repair Man. They’re very professional and friendly! I recommend for sure this company! Thanks guys! - 4/10/2019

    Glen Avatar

    Highly efficient and proficient service. A free diagnostic service was run on my lap top and I was then provided with clear advice on my options. The repair was then conducted promptly and to my satisfaction. I would recommend Thibaut at PC Repair Man without any hesitation. - 11/12/2019

    Patrick Blood Avatar
    Patrick Blood

    I agree with the rest of the reviews, PC Repair Man is a fantastic shop with quick and helpful advice. - 4/10/2016

    Ian Dempster Avatar
    Ian Dempster

    Helpful ,friendly and knowledgeable. Sadly, the laptop was a goner. Free diagnostic service - apart from the cost of a review.Would recommend - 9/10/2019

    Pocket Ted Avatar
    Pocket Ted

    I recommend this place highly. I have been now on several occasions regarding issues with laptops / keyboards and can say these people get the work done quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. Also, it is very apparent they are not trying to make extra money from you. They will sell you only what you need or make repairs on what you need. Very trustworthy - thank you for your service. - 7/10/2019

  • Paige Adams Avatar
    Paige Adams

    Would recommend to everyone. I got my laptop screen fixed quickly and was so affordable. Thank you repair man! - 4/10/2016

    Reese Stoltzfus Avatar
    Reese Stoltzfus

    good communication, good service. - 4/10/2018

    Jacopo Melia Avatar
    Jacopo Melia

    They are very efficient and quick. In one day they repair my pc as well. I ask a few question and they answer me in a professional way. I can comprend everything even if i don't speak english very well. - 3/10/2020

    Bill Forgie Avatar
    Bill Forgie

    Actually a decent place, the guy knows his stuff and won't mess you about on price. - 3/10/2020

    Joe .Lowit Avatar
    Joe .Lowit

    Very friendly staff, know what they are are doing, good prices and above all honest! Because there is such a knowledge gap when getting your computer fixed you are always vulnerable to being ripped off and I've had other repair companies quote me 40 pound charges on problems with my laptop that PC Repair Man fixed for FREE in 2 minutes! Can not recommend enough!!!! - 4/10/2015

    Suzanne Gould Avatar
    Suzanne Gould

    Laptop vs cup of coffee - the coffee won. The guys here were really helpful, professional and straightforward. My laptop came back in full working order. I highly recommend!! - 4/10/2019

  • John Gibson Avatar
    John Gibson

    Incredibly friendly staff who were very accommodating. The speed of service was beyond my best expectations. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for fast and reliable expertise in computer repair. - 4/10/2017

    Jaro Pavel Avatar
    Jaro Pavel

    I have asked this firm several times for help in the past. I found them always very helpful and knowledgeable as far as my PC is concerned. I will not hesitate to ask them for help again in the future, if necessary. - 4/10/2019

    tang meng Avatar
    tang meng

    He is very kind. He checked my computer very carefully. Most importantly, he solved my problem. Since there is nothing wrong with my laptop. He did not ask for money. He said he just needed a Hello. - 4/10/2016

    Andy McCahey Avatar
    Andy McCahey

    Thibault was very helpful and a friendly guy. I had trouble with my Lenovo Thinkpad which turned out to be fatal, but I bought a refurbished laptop straight away at a reasonable price. He also copied all of my information from my old laptop to an external hard drive for me to keep. Customer support is the best at this shop so I would totally recommend using them. - 4/10/2016

    Ken M Avatar
    Ken M

    Got the data off my broken laptop hard drive no problem. Very reasonable price and very friendly guys in the shop. Certainly recommended. - 4/10/2017

    Diana Dawson Avatar
    Diana Dawson

    Lovely people and not only were they very helpful but also a very fast service. - 3/25/2020

  • Brodie Childs Avatar
    Brodie Childs

    Initially went into a nearby competitor after dropping my laptop. Was told my hardrive was knackered and quoted £260 to replace it and recover my files. Walked past PC repair man on the way to actually drop off my laptop and on a whim decided to go in to compare prices. When I described what had happened the guy took the hardrive out and ran a free diagnostic then quoted me a price £100 pounds cheaper than the other place (I hadn't even told him the other price I'd been quoted so it wasn't as if he was just trying to undercut them).On top of this the repair work was done very quickly and my computer now works better than it did before I dropped it (he even fixed one of the hinges which was slightly dodgy).I'm not planning on dropping my laptop again anytime soon but if I do I would definitely come back. - 4/10/2017

    frank kelly Avatar
    frank kelly

    Excellent service - went over and above what I had expected. I can't recomend highly enough. - 4/10/2015

    Peter Williams Avatar
    Peter Williams

    Great, really helpful. Quick fix for my MacBook - 4/10/2018

    James Ingram Avatar
    James Ingram

    It is always an excellent sign when a PC repir guy tells you that you can do it cheaper yourself. And that's what I was advised to do for one of the issues that I went in for (fitting a second internal hard drive).But my PC did also have a serious issue, and so I pressed ahead with that. As a software developer myself, I'm familiar with diagnosis and troubleshooting techniques (even if I'm not a hardware bod). I have been impressed with the professional and thorough approach taken. It turned out to be more than one issue with my PC. I had observed the CPU overheating, and the fix for that was done well, and resolved some of my issues at once. But it turned out that there was also a faulty power supply, and POSSIBLY an issue with the graphics card itself.Once more, I was advised to not waste money on fixing both problems, but to first take a new power supply and see if that works, before doing the second (expensive and perhaps unneccessary) job. The noisy fan issue may also be resolved by this.So with one job completed to a reasonable price and with excellent service, I am happy to write a review while the second job is ongoing. I think the chap has advised me NOT to pay him for more things than he's advised me to actually pay him for, at this point.That alone would be worth the recommendation, but as I said before: he's also doing a thorough job on the things that he DOES think I should get the wallet out for - and at a reasonable price. Very recommended. - 4/10/2016

    Bartek Furdal Avatar
    Bartek Furdal

    Very friendly guys with happy to help attitude. Highly recommended and very trustful service in Edinburgh!!! I got a chance to deal mostly with Louis but whole team is very skilful and friendly!!! - 4/10/2018

    安杰靖初 Avatar

    Fantastic service. Would definitely recommend. - 4/10/2015

  • Martin Unsworth Avatar
    Martin Unsworth

    Very trustworthy, they didn’t charge me for diagnostic and effectively pointed me in the right direction to resolve my graphics card issue. Happy to recommend. - 4/10/2018

    Luke Avatar

    Excellent service, was done in an extremely short amount of time for what was done. Helped a lot, and rather than making me pay for the expensive repair of my earphone port, instead recommended an external soundcard that is a huge amount cheaper. Great guy, will visit again if I have computer troubles. - 4/10/2016

    Diana Dawson Avatar
    Diana Dawson

    Fantastic service. I would recommend Louis at PC Repair Man, Leith, to everyone, and indeed have. He has got me out of serious computer pickles including rescuing data and files from an otherwise dead hard drive, replacing the hard drive and charging extremely reasonably for his service. He is a godsend for a small business like myself who relies so much on a working computer! - 4/10/2016

    Leslie Muldoon Avatar
    Leslie Muldoon

    Thank you all at PC Repair Man, excellent service as usual! Highly recommended - 4/10/2017

    jmgp61 Avatar

    Cumplieron en servicio y tiempo. - 11/10/2019

    alan gibson Avatar
    alan gibson

    i would recommend this shop to others , helpful staff & fair prices . - 4/10/2018