Custom Builds

Rather than buy a run-of-the mill branded PC that is built to a price (usually with varying parts to maximise profit), why not let us build you a custom machine, tailored specifically for your needs?

Custom Built Computer vs Shop bought brand!

Shop bought machines tend to be sold in volume and are built in factories in the Far East where quality may vary. Should a problem arise with the machine in the first year, it is often a painful trip back to the shop. Or if the machine was bought over the Internet, the whole PC (irrespective of what’s wrong) will need to be sent back to the online retailer, usually at the customers’s own cost. If the machine came from a large chain it may need to be sent back to the manufacturer who will then hopefully fix it and eventually return it to you. This process is slow and typically takes weeks.

This is not the case with a custom made machine bought from us.

Why buy a Custom Built PC from us?

All machines built by PC Repair Man are protected by our local warranty that means should there be a problem, we can deal with it efficiently and more importantly, locally. We always aim to return the machine to you in a state that you can use it, ie. with your data back on. It is a standard practice for manufacturers of nationwide shop bought PC’s to wipe the machine and return it in factory state which means that if you haven’t backed up your data, all your files would be lost.

We try to maximise your budget by enhancing the areas that you want the money to be spent on, i.e. Graphics, Memory and Processor for gaming or video editing, Sound Interfaces and fast storage for music production etc. We can even take and evaulate your exisiting parts (after testing) from your current PC to reduce the overall cost. All the new parts that we use are well researched and are typically sourced from brands that are well renowned for quality and reliability – typically with warranties that are usually 3 – 5 years even in some cases, a lifetime warranty. This ensures higher reliability of the overall build and much higher satisfaction.

So be it if you opt for a high-end gaming machine, a video editing suite, a high-end workstation / server, or just an entry level PC, you can rest assured that we put just as much care into each build.

Parts assembly service is now also available!

As with everything a product bought in a shop tends to be more expensive than the item bought on line. The prices of parts bought from us reflect that we are a shop which means we have higher over heads then an online entity.

This is why we have no problem letting you source your own components (at the on line prices) and what we then offer to you is an assembly service. Sourcing your new custom build computer this way will present you with a lower bill, however please consider that you will be left in charge of your parts warranties, should they go faulty.

If  you are unsure of which parts or brands to go for, feel free to contact us and we will guide you.

We will be happy to discuss and take you through each step. Once a specification is agreed on, we normally ask for a small deposit (if you are buying them from us) to secure parts. Then relax as we take care of the rest.

Once built and tested we transfer your data – if required – from your old machine and will call you in for a demonstration. We ask you to settle your final bill on collection of your new custom build.

Over the course of the last few years, we have built numerous gaming machines, rack-mount music production workstations & servers, video editing suites, portable recording studios etc, together with scores of general purpose home and office computers.

If you can imagine it, we can probably build it.